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YogaWithVickiB Boost You! Online Retreat

Rejuvenate, Replenish and Reset

Join myself and Jo Tocher for a morning of yoga flow, meditation, mindfulness and energy healing. A morning of precious me-time.

As we head back into another lockdown - being mindful of our mental and physical health is key. And, having received such wonderful feedback from the last two of our Boost You! Online Retreats, are going to be running these regularly every six weeks  for the forseeable future.  

We invite you to join us at our next Retreat on Saturday 30th January, 9.30am-Noon.

Numbers are limited to just 16

so book early to secure your place



  • 1 hour yoga, breathe, stretch, flow (beginners-level flow but equally suitable for those that practice regularly. It's good sometimes to slow-down the flow, focus on your breath and settle a little deeper into the poses)

  • Visualisation meditation

  • Mindfulness practice, focussing on the breath and 'tuning in' to our bodies

  • Sound and energy healing session - we are all energy and sometimes our energy becomes slow and stagnant and stuck. By shifting our energy state we can feel so much lighter within ourselves; more content, connected and optimistic by fully engaging all our senses

Let's make 2021 a year of providing ourselves with

precious me-time for the mind and body


With so many of us working from home - often static in front of a screen - and perhaps not moving about as much as we used to - we need to be aware of how this affects us. During this time we often take short, shallow breaths and aren't breathing properly to release our stress hormones.


By learning to breathe correctly we are bringing Oxygen into our body, and in turn boosting our cells, and blood flow. When we breathe out, we release the Carbon Dioxide, so this exchange boosts us and gives energy.


It's all too easy to carry on as we have been doing without giving mind-full attention to how we breathe and appreciate what is around us.


When we stop to look, appreciate and breathe

we are increasing our happy hormones


Join us for a wonderful morning of Yoga and Flow, Breathing, Meditation, Mindfulness and Sound and Energy Healing so that you can feel more energised.

" At a very mentally exhausting time for most of us at the moment, this retreat was a perfect way to spend my morning. I very much enjoyed the content, gentle yoga with Vicki. I slept like a baby in the afternoon, I was sooo relaxed! "

Numbers are limited to just 16 so we recommend
booking early to secure your place

£43.99 per ticket

The Retreat will be live-streamed via Zoom. To book the Boost You! Online Retreat email me and I will provide you with payment details and be very happy to answer any questions you may have.

Give yourself some precious 'me time'

taking the time out to nurture yourself and your energy

" .. Such an uplifting session. Well paced and great to get back in touch with our bodies."

" The vibrational sounds session was marvellous! I did feel as if my body was 'tuning' in."


" This was the most wonderful morning. It came at completely the right time. To be able to come together (virtually) to spend time focusing on our breath, our bodies, our chakras was just beautiful. "

" I absolutely loved the online retreat and the fact it gave me the ability to turn my own home into a sanctuary. This was the first time in years I spent any real time on myself. Thanks Jo & Vicki! "

" A brilliant way to spend Saturday morning within the comfort of our homes with excellent and knowledgeable instructors. "

Can't make this date? We will be running our online retreats every six weeks. So if you would like to be kept informed please sign up to my Yoga News and you will be sure to be one of the first to receive the details. (Or email request to be kept informed, clicking on the link below.)

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