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Do you keep putting off starting yoga?

Do you keep putting off starting yoga? Do you 'know it would be good for you' but find yourself putting blockers in the way? Perhaps having thoughts such as:

🔸I'm too inflexible

🔸I've never been able to touch my toes

🔸I'm the 'wrong' shape

🔸I'm too old

🔸I'll be the only one who won't know what they're doing

If so - you are my perfect client. It is for you that I run my complete beginner yoga courses - placed at the heart of my YogaWithVickiB business.

I know I should do yoga but..

I am always so upset when I hear someone managing to talk themselves out of something that deep down they know could be really good for them. (I know, it's something I struggle with myself too!) Often when I meet a new person and I introduce myself and say those words:

"I'm Vicki, I'm a yoga teacher"

.... I can often hear in return

"Oh! I know I should do yoga but..." and then often one or more of the reasons highlighted above as to why they have never started.

Yoga teacher Vicki Baumann of Yogawithvickib demonstrating yoga pose Side Plank.

So if you find yourself putting off yoga - then look at some of the very positive statements that students who have started with me on my yoga beginner courses have said - even after their very first class!

"You are so very good at explaining the poses. I don't think any time in the past when I've tried yoga has anyone ever explained how it should feel. To have the Warrior Poses and sequence properly explained to me has made me realise how strong the pose should be".

Kay, after her first class of my 8-week beginner course

"I couldn't roll up in to shoulder stand at the start of the course - and now I can!"

Natalie, after completing 8-week beginner course

Discovering the 'yet' -- I can't do it..yet

What brings me such joy is when a new student books on my live online yoga beginner course and discovers that

🔸They are not the only one who has never tried yoga before

🔸That they can do poses they didn't think they would be able to

🔸That after just a few classes they notice certain poses getting easier and their body changing

🔸Discovering balance they never thought they'd have

🔸That they start to see their strength improving

🔸Waking up the next morning and realising they have reignited their core and 'feeling it'

🔸When on their yoga mat, that their mind is not full of all the other worries and tasks that usually fill their mind

🔸Remembering always to add the word 'yet' whenever they think 'I can't do it'. It will come

The 'yet' is so key to allowing yourself time to explore and discover what your yoga practice brings to you.

And take a look at what's possible - all these students started as complete beginners with me.

Yoga Practice

Yoga is a 'practice' - you will hear it described as Yoga Practice. Because, that is what we all do every time we are on our yoga mat.

Practice and you will see progress.

Not 'perfection' - yoga is not about perfection - it's about exploration - how our body is today, in the moment. Recognising the changes it brings to you, your body and mind.

I love working with those heading into their 40s/50s/60s who want to rediscover an inner strength; find a way of remaining flexible and strong into their next decade and start to discover all the many benefits of yoga.

"I completed a beginner course with Vicki as I wanted to increase my flexibility and I loved it! I have found my flexibility has increased and also notice that yoga helps calm the mind. Thank you, Vicki! I have found a new love for yoga."

Zoe, a regular 3xweekly student since completing a beginner course

8-hour Yoga Beginner Course

I run regular 8-hour yoga beginner courses (usually spread over 4-weeks). Check my yoga beginners course for more details on when my next course is starting.

I only take a maximum of six people per yoga course as I like to provide a very focused, personal teaching, where everyone gets 1-2-1 attention. So if you would like to join my next course, I highly recommend you book early to secure your place. You can book by sending me an email.

"Vicki is incredibly patient and very thorough in her teaching She is also very encouraging, knowing that every person's yoga journey is different and she makes you feel very much at ease."

Annie, a regular 2xweekly student attending my beginners-continuation classes

What happens once you've completed the Yoga Beginner Course?

90% of my regular students started on my yoga beginner course and steadily continue to grow stronger, flexible and improve in all the poses and flows.

Once students have completed the beginner course they easily transition into my regular beginner-continuation classes held Tuesday & Thursday mornings 8-9am. Or come along to my beginner yoga flow on Tuesday evenings 7-pm. Many have moved straight into my longer 1.5 hour classes and get the opportunity to learn headstand and more hand balancing postures.

My motto to all new students is "do what you can, rest when you need and take inspiration from those around you".

How to Book

To join my next course email me and I will send you the registration details.

Course costs £80, payable in advance.

I usually run one course per month and take a break through July, August, October and December.

So please, stop putting off starting yoga if you really know that you would like to start 🔸 explore the benefits 🔸see the changes and embrace the structure of time on your yoga mat each week 🔸calming your mind 🔸focusing on your breath 🔸exploring your physical flexibility, strength and balance 🔸

Importantly - having fun! And discovering how a regular yoga practice can make a huge difference to your life and wellbeing.

If you want to find out more about my yoga classes, private 1-2-1 yoga and how to introduce yoga into your office - all of which can be offered online live-streamed via Zoom, get in touch – I’d love to hear from you

Ladies, want to book a place on my next Yoga Retreats? Take a look at my next Kalkan Retreat in October 2021, there are a few precious spaces still available.

And you can keep up-to-date with news, views and top tips by signing up to receive my Yoga Mat Chat newsletter.

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