Corporate Yoga Classes

Office Yoga For A Fitter Healthier Workforce

Supporting employees with their health and wellness at this time is front of mind.

With so many employees working from home and spending more time than ever desk-bound, the focus on looking after your team's mental and physical wellbeing is becoming increasingly important.

Screen-time hours are impacting on health, with a growing number of people suffering back and neck problems and many companies citing stress as a major problem amongst the workforce. So, providing free or subsidised yoga to your employees can provide many benefits. And providing pre-recorded classes, or yoga live online, means staff can join from their homes as well as office. 


I can also offer a short chair yoga session - great as a breakout during online conferences and webinars. 

If you wish to discuss how I can help provide yoga to your team - either via a pre-recorded series of classes, or live online class (via Zoom or similar) do get in touch. I am happy to work either way and provide a class or classes suitable for your workforce. Give me a call on 0781 505 6767 or email me to schedule a time to talk

How can yoga help?

  • A fitter, healthier workforce

  • Regular deep stretching helps build flexibility and improve posture

  • It is also widely recognised for reducing stress, tension and improving concentration

  • Participating in a flow yoga class will provide stretch, balance and strength

  • Breathing techniques and relaxation helps provide stress reducing techniques

The benefits of offering regular yoga for your employees?

  • It can help encourage staff to come together and help reduce absenteeism

  • Providing free/or subsidised yoga results in a convenient added wellness benefit for your staff

  • It can also provide an added incentive for recruitment and retention in your business

  • Offer private 1-2-1 yoga sessions to your staff as an added incentive/bonus 

What is YogaWithVickiB office yoga?

  • Your employees will gain the value of my many years of yoga practice and teaching experience; my understanding of the impact of being office desk-bound for many years and how yoga can truly help

  • My vinyasa (flow) yoga classes can be tailored for beginners-level up - run at a time that suits the business and/or your employees

  • Provided as pre-recorded classes, or live online classes

  • The benefits of a pre-recorded class is that your employees can participate at a time that suits them during their working day 

  • Live online classes are restricted to early morning pre-work or lunchtime schedules

  • 30 minute or 45 minute classes

  • You will get me, Vicki of YogaWithVickiB

  • A consistency in teaching means greater confidence and development of the attendees and provides a bond that will build within the classes

What will your employees need?

  • A yoga mat (and ideally two yoga bricks and a strap)

  • A clear, save space of around 2mx2m

  • A method to stream the class into their home via a laptop/iPad/wifi TV etc

Package Costs for pre-recorded classes

10x 30-min pre-recorded class package £800

10x 45-min pre-recorded class package £900

Package Costs for live online classes

10x 30-min pre-recorded class package £1100

10x 45-min pre-recorded class package £1200

I can of course provide different packages as required as well as providing one-off classes for events or as a break-out during online conferences and meetings.

Want to find out more? Email me to book a discovery call to discuss how I can provide you with a regular corporate yoga class that works for you and your employees.

I am fully qualified, insured and a member of Yoga Alliance.


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