Private 1-2-1 Yoga Classes

Why Book A Private 1-2-1 Yoga Class?

If you would prefer to learn privately 1-2-1 with me, then get in touch. You can learn at a time that suits you and work at your own pace and allows you to focus on your specific needs, without the pressure of a class.

Private classes are ideal for those that:

  • Prefer to learn at their own pace

  • Are recovering from an injury

  • Have a condition that demands careful movement and slow build-up 

  • Are working towards a sporting event and want yoga to help build your flexibility or strength 

  • Or simply, prefer the close attention that a private class provides to build at your own pace

  • Want a programme that specifically designed to suit them


This is often great for those starting out, or if you want the opportunity to advance and see progress more rapidly. Also ideal if you prefer to practice in privacy

All my private classes are currently held live online via Zoom. 


Email me, or call me 0781 505 6767.


I typically teach private 1-2-1 - but if you wish to learn with your partner or friend, then I can also teach you online 2-2-1. And with the power of Zoom, you can logon and learn with a friend who is not in your family bubble! 

My yoga classes will help you develop strength, balance, flexibility as well as providing mindfulness through breath and movement

Prior to commencing working with you, I will have a telephone discovery call with you to discuss your requirements and expectations so we can explore how we can work together. We can discuss any specific health issues or injuries you may have and any sporting events you are working towards. I can then provide you with a tailor-made class that suits you, allowing you to develop at your own pace.  Book your Discovery Call



Discovery call to discuss your requirements and ensure we can work well together £No Charge.


Thereafter (payments in advance):


Pay as you go £70.00 for 60 minutes

Book a block of 10 £600.00

Book a block of 20 £1100,00 


Pay as you go £80.00 for 60 minutes

Book a block of 10 £700.00

Book a block of 20 £1300.00


Call to discuss and book on 0781 505 6767 or email me at hello@yogawithvickib.com

NOTE: Terms & Conditions apply