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Terms and Conditions

Student responsibilities: Group class and private clients

Prior to attending my class for the first time, please let me know if you have any medical issues or health concerns - it is your responsibility to inform me in advance of attending a class. You can do so by emailing or calling me ahead of your first class or starting a Beginners Course with me. I can then better guide you and help modify some of the poses for you - or indeed advise if I feel my class would not be suitable for you.

If you have any existing conditions, or are worried or have any concerns about starting to practice yoga, please consult with your Doctor prior to joining a class.  


Over time if anything changes with your health, please let me know at the prior to your next the class. Of course, if you have any concerns during a class, please let me know immediately. When live online in a Zoom class if you have any difficulty at all, pause and start again when you feel able and discuss with me after the class. I will alway be available at the end of the class to chat with you.  


You know your body; how you usually feel - so if anything changes, please let me know.  


NOTE. I am not a trained pregnancy yoga teacher. I will not accept any students who are pregnant or immediately post-natal. If you think you may be pregnant, please let me know immediately.


I will of course take care and monitor my students throughout a class, but it is the individual student's responsibility to take care and ownership of their own health. Students must follow instructions and not undertake any improper practice, or help other students during any in-person class. Instructions during the class are intended as guidance only. You take full responsibility for yourself during the class.


AGE RESTRICTION - must be over 18 (for my insurance purposes).

COUNTRY LOCATION - I am unable to teach my live online (via Zoom) classes to anyone who is located in the USA or Canada.


All payments to be paid in advance of class. You may pay as you go, or pay for a monthly block of classes. They are non-refundable. 


The Beginners Course is payable in advance of the course, once payment is received and your registration form has been completed and received, your place will be confirmed. Payments are non-refundable. 


Payment to be made in advance of all private classes; pay-as-you-go or block bookings

24 hours notice for any cancellations (2 free cancellations permitted within block booking period) 

If YogaWithVickiB is running your private class from your home, parking must be provided or will be charged extra


In compliance with GDPR we do not gather any cookies on our website. Any personal information that you provide (eg name, email, phone number), we only gather to keep in contact with you with news and updates on my classes. We only gather necessary data. We never share data. If you sign up to our Newsletter we will comply with GDPR data protection regulations. Should you wish to be removed from our records, then you can email me at and ask to ‘be forgotten’ and we will delete all information held on you.

Terms & Conditions

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