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Yoga Reviews

Yoga Reviews - What My Students Say

"I've never done yoga before and when I met Vicki, I was hooked on the idea.

"I started with her Yoga Beginners Course and loved every minute of it. I didn't miss one session.I love how patient Vicki is and she's got this amazing calm sense that makes every session enjoyable and fun. So much so that I have signed uip to do Yoga with Vicki twice per week."

Henriette, Beginners Course and now twice-weekly Beginners-continuation classes

"I really enjoyed your online Boost You Retreat.

"I felt utterly relaxed afterwards. I hadn't done any yoga in years, but it was easy to follow your movements and I felt so nice and stretched afterwards. Combined with Jo Tocher's sound healing it was a fabulous few hours."
Lucy, Boost You! Online Retreat

"I can highly recommend Vicki whether you are a beginner or more advanced.
"Her Zoom class was my first experience of doing yoga (or any exercise) online and she makes it relaxing and enjoyable."

Lorraine, Tuesday Evening Beginners Flow Class

"I was astounded at the progress I made in flexibility, strength and balance.”

"I had a week of yoga sessions with Vicki on our women’s business retreat in Turkey. Having never done yoga before, I was surprised at how accessible and easy to understand Vicki made each class. She seemed to forensically understand the abilities and limitations of my body. She is a kind and understanding teacher, and leads with grace and humour, making fitness fun. I was astounded at the progress I made in flexibility, strength and balance, after just 7 sessions.


"During the lockdown, Vicki has taken her classes online, and I just had a fantastic session. Her Zoom setup worked perfectly, and it was really lovely to pose along with the other participants. Vicki is a brilliant teacher, and her knowledge and expertise shines through even remotely. Recommended!"

Natalie, Tuesday beginners' online class, March 2020


"The early morning class was great, especially as I'm stuck in a chair all day. It felt a great way to start the day.”

Yasmine, Sunrise 6-7am class, February 2020

"I did a beginner course with Vicki and loved it”

Rebecca, Beginners Course July 2019

"Inspiring and mindful of individual capabilities!”

“Attended Vicki's beginners class last Sunday and would thoroughly recommend her. Vicki was welcoming and friendly. The pace was just right. She was inspiring but mindful of individual capabilities and the whole experience was very enjoyable”.

Sue, Beginners Course Nov 2018

"I highly recommend her classes!”

“I attended Vicki's Turkey retreat and thoroughly enjoyed all the classes. Vicki is a wonderful teacher continually checking and correcting, and her classes work at pace and continued to be challenging day after day”.

Yolande, Yoga Retreat Oct 2018

"I couldn't recommend Vicki enough!”

“I have done Yoga before, but have never enjoyed it until I met Vicki. Vicki is an amazing teacher that really cares about her students. Her gentle calm nature and love for Yoga really come across in the class. I couldn't recommend Vicki enough. Thank you for opening my eyes to fantastic yoga”.

Cheryl, Yoga Retreat Oct 2018

"The classes are fun and relaxed”

“I've had a week of classes with Vicki at a retreat in Turkey. By the end of the week I was feeling stronger and more flexible. Vicki takes great care to make sure you are in the correct position. The classes are fun and relaxed and Vicki is a great teacher”.

Jo, Yoga Retreat Oct 2018

"I was able to achieve more than I could have ever imagined”

“As a complete Yoga novice I really had no idea how challenging but also how rewarding yoga would be and with Vicki’s gentle, inspirational and expert guidance I was able to achieve more than I could have ever imagined during her 8 week beginners course”.

Alison, Beginners Course Jan 2018


“Approachable and very patient”

“Vicki is a fantastic instructor, warm, approachable and very patient. Loved the 8 week course & would highly recommend!!”

Judi, Beginners Course Jan 2018


“The class is challenging but very supportive”

“I joined Vicki’s starter course in the autumn reluctantly, thinking I should avoid getting stiff in old age, my hip was beginning to bother me. I am so pleased challenging but very supportive. Not being any good, like me, is fine I did. After just a few weeks my hip problem was gone and I could really feel the benefit generally. She is a great teacher, the class is but improvement happens quickly because it is challenging. I recommend this class to any one of any age. Vicki is great”. 

Debbie, Beginners Course Dec 2017

“Each week I improved on the week before. It was surprising and noticeable”

“I always wanted to try yoga but was too intimidated to join a class, assuming that everyone else would know what they were doing and I would just be in an embarrassed heap at the back. Also the yoga classes at my gym are always fully booked. When I heard that Vicki was starting a beginners class I felt I would be among my yoga peers so I took up her offer of a half price taster class just to be sure and then I booked the 8 week course.

“Over the 8 weeks I have fallen over a lot, collapsed in a giggling heap, made odd grunting noises, sweated like a pig and lain puffing and exhausted on the mat. But each week I improved on the week before. It was surprising and noticeable. My balance, flexibility, core strength and breathing have all improved. I can stand with my hands flat on the floor, achieve all the basic yoga poses and a few of the intermediate ones. I can stand on my head and lower myself from a high to a low plank. I now feel confident to join a yoga class with more experienced practitioners and will be carrying on with Vicki.

“Vicki is a fabulous teacher: warm and patient, great at explaining how to do all the poses and moves and not afraid to push you to your limber limits!”  

Cassia, Sunday Class Nov 2017

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