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YogaWithVickiB with guest students on Go with the Flow ladies yoga retreat
Group photo 2022 Go with the Flow Yoga and Relaxation Retreat
Go with the Flow Ladies Yoga Retreat, private class for two friends
Annie Warrior 2 pose, 2022 Go with the Flow Yoga and Relaxation Retreat
Breakfast, 2022 Go with the Flow Yoga and Relaxation Retreat
Yoga Teacher Yogawithvickib teaching student step-by-step process of learning Crow pose
Vicki and Julia, Legs to Side pose, 2022 Go with the Flow Yoga and Relaxation Retreat
Students at Kalkan Yoga Retreat in morning class practice by pool, kneeling stretching arms over hea
YogaWithVickiB Yoga and Wellness Relaxation Retreat in Kalkan. Spices in the bazaar in Fethiye marke
Yoga Teacher, Yogawithvickib, in Half Spinal Twist pose with hands clasped
Yoga With VickiB yoga teacher and student having fun poolside in Kalkan, Turkey
Jo Tocher leading Yoga retreat guests in evening sunset meditation class
Array of dried fruit stall at Kalkan, Turkey food market
Yoga With VickiB Morning yoga retreat class on terrace overlooking Vasisthasana side plank pose
YogaWithVickiB Go with the Flow Yoga Retreat, Kalkan ladies-only yoga and wellness holiday
YogaWithVickiB yoga class during Yoga Retreat in Kalkan, Turkey, ladies only yoga and wellness
Go with the Flow Ladies Yoga Retreat, student wide leg forward fold
Yoga retreat student learning Crow on mat on Patara Beach in Kalkan, Turkey
Go with the Flow Ladies Yoga Retreat, sea yoga with YogaWithVickiB
Yoga With VickiB Yoga Students on retreat in class performing Extended Balasana

Go With The Flow
Ladies Yoga & Relaxation Retreat

Ladies-only Yoga & Relaxation Retreat 2024

7-14 MAY 2024


Do you

  • want to take some time – for yourself to recharge?

  • wake up each morning to a yoga flow and guided meditation?

  • spend time and make new friends with like-minded ladies who want to relax and revitalise?


If so, then join us on our next Go with the Flow ladies-only yoga & relaxation retreat in beautiful Kalkan, Turkey. A week of yoga, wellness and relaxation – fun and laughter.


Provide yourself the time to properly relax, unwind and take time to care for yourself. Kick back. Rest. Read. Chat. Laugh with new friends. Swim or doze in the sun.

“I came away feeling guilty about taking some time out, but sometimes you get to a point where you actually need to recharge and reflect - especially when you get to a certain age I think - and when you lead busy lives.


“I would 100 million per cent recommend coming if you can, take that massive step of doing something for yourself. Because a week later I feel like I’m now energised to be able to go back and pick up where I left off and feeling much much happier and much lighter.” Lynn S, Retreat May 2022


The Retreat is held in a luxurious private villa with its own heated pool and stunning views over the beautiful turquoise Kalkan Bay. You cannot help but relax and breathe in the beauty of the place.


Guide prices start at £1295 when booking a shared twin room with a friend

Or £1795 will secure you a double bedroom of your own

Flights, extra cost (not included in room guide prices)
All prices to be confirmed once May 2024 dates are set

All rooms have en suite bathrooms

A deposit will secure your place



And you can take advantage of a 6 or 8-month payment plan to help spread the payments.

You will be looked after through your week by myself Vicki and Jo Tocher holistic therapist who has helped over 2000 people transform their lives and set them on a path to a brighter future. And, last but definitely not least!  The fabulous Julia Sondack of Holiday Homes Turkey who seamlessly facilitates all your needs during your time away, ensuring you don’t have to think or worry about a thing.

Come with a friend, or come on your own like Cath did at our first Retreat in 2018

Cath, Kalkan video image 2018_edited.jpg

“I didn’t want to ask anyone else, I just wanted to do something for me, totally for me. And I can honestly say it was probably one of the best weeks of my life. It was amazing.”

Cath F, Retreat May 2018

You can relax; take time for yourself; discover new things about yourself; and prepare to enjoy a week of well earned rest and relaxation.


Here's an example of what your week would look like

Sample Schedule Go with the Flow Yoga & Relaxation Retreat Sept 2023.png

Nothing is compulsory - you are free to do as much, or as little, as you wish each day


Yoga each morning, a flow, stretch and balance in the fresh morning air. You will learn to discover balance; how to move with body and breath and see how  day-by-day youquickly you can become more flexible day by day.


Do you need to be a Yoga expert? No

Whether you want to explore if yoga is for you, or are a regular – my classes will suit all.


You certainly don't need to be an expert in yoga. I can modify the poses for all and make sure you practice in turn with your body. 

  • complete beginners

  • those that have practiced before, but not for a while

  • regular yogis who want a guided and encouraging daily practice

Come together each morning to discover the joy of yoga. Take inspiration from those that can – and give encourage to those new to their mats.


​And if you want to add more yoga to your day – I am available for private 1-2-1 classes at your convenience at a much-reduced rate.


Wellness Sessions

Led by the fabulous Jo Tocher, a transformational holistic therapist and member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). Jo is trained in 12 healing therapies which she combines to enable women to change their lives. 

I’ve always been a little ‘scared’ of meditation, will I have to sit for hours in cross legged position? No

Jo’s guided visualisation meditations are held lying on your mat, or a sunbed, or relaxed in comfortable chair. Definitely not sitting getting ‘pins & needles’ in your legs in cross legged position!

She will help you embrace and benefit from the experience if you have never meditated before.

Tuning Forks – what is this you may well ask?

A deeply relaxing and energy revitalising session through sound healing. Gently opening and clearing your energy centres (chakra points).

Sit back, close your eyes and relax as Jo takes all our guests through a sound therapy session. 


Energy Alignament Method

Discover the power of energy alignment. Jo leads a fascinating workshop on how to release ‘stuck’ energy that can help us remove any negative energy that has built in our body – releasing it to free us from it.

“Let it go! So often we hold onto negative emotions or limiting beliefs. Thank you Jo for helping me to release those things that no longer serve me.“ Lisa B, Retreat May 2022


Essential Oils Workshop

Discover the many benefits of essential oils and have the opportunity to mix your own personal blend.


“It is not just yoga, it’s also very deep meditations. There is some aromatherapy and all sorts of other things that just help you relax, release and just be quite joyful”. Pam P, Retreat 2022 

Be the one that is looked after 
Kick back and allow yourself to be free of your busy life

Allow us to take care of you

Food Glorious Food

You will be served a beautiful Turkish breakfast on the terrace after yoga each morning. Every day slightly different – olives, fresh fruit, yogurt, nuts, locally baked breads. Lashings of tea and coffee.


“It should be called a Food Retreat” said more than one of our guests at our 2022 Retreat – so much is great food front and central of your week away.


Fresh fish and seafood at the restaurants cooked every which way. Beautiful tasty kebabs. And the sweets! Baklava, Turkish Delight.. Be ready to have your tastebuds treated and massaged as your mind, body and spirit will be during the week.


And your week doesn’t stop with the amazing yoga and wellness sessions. You will enjoy days out that you will remember well into the future. A boat trip, Hammam, walk up the historic Saklikent Gorge.


Love to shop?

If so you will LOVE Kalkan. little cobbled streets full of locally painted pottery, leather handbags, beautiful clothing 

Come on your own or come with a girl friend

Regardless of whether you choose to come with a friend, or decide to come on your own you will be in the company of like minded ladies. 


  • Meet new friends

  • Laugh together, yoga together, discover new experiences together


You are free to do as much, or as little, as you wish each day - come and stretch, relax, laugh or sit in quiet contemplation.


Every bedroom has an en-suite bathroom
You can take a room to yourself, or book and share a twin room with a girl friend


Myself, Jo Tocher holistic therapist and Julia of Kalkan Retreats will make sure you can have the most relaxing and fulfilling week away.


For further details and to book, go to Holiday Homes Turkey

Book a room to yourself, or come and share with a girl friend. 

Any questions, email me and I'll be happy to help. I hope to be welcoming to your mat in beautiful Kalkan. 



Secure your place with a deposit



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