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Was I mad to quit my steady job just before lockdown?

Vicki's yoga business has survived and thrived and helped others to do the same

by Marina Gask, Audrey Online

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I was working full time, then teaching [yoga] in the evenings and at weekends and hardly seeing my husband Mike at all. We couldn't even have weekends away as that was a key time for my lessons.

After a blissful week away in 2019 in a camper van in the Welsh mountains, at the end of the week Mike said "So are we going back to never seeing each other?" and I knew something had to change. I realised I had to bite the bullet and make that transition to full time yoga.

This was in the February of 2020. Then when reality hit about Covid 19 and lockdown was announced in late March I had a heart stopping moment of thinking "OMG, great timing Vicki". How could my new business be over before I'd really got going?

With yoga it's not just a business - you build a community and everyone's so supportive of each other and I really wanted to keep that going. I was like a mummy bear, thinking how am I going to keep this baby bear alive?

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Yoga teacher Vicki Baumann of Yogawithvickib names as one of the f:Entrepreneur #ialso100 for 2020.

Lockdown hasn't put the breaks on my business, if anything it's fast-tracked me in terms of what I feel is possible. I've co-run online yoga and wellness retreats with my holistic therapist friend Jo Tocher. In a way, lockdown has made me more resourceful and daring. It's been a very interesting experience, not at all how I pictured my start of a yoga teacher, but I have absolutely no regrets!

If you would like to have a chat about how you can join one of my live online yoga classes; or would like to discuss working with me for 1-2-1 yoga – then get in touch, message or call me and I’ll be happy to talk. As all my classes are run online via Zoom, it doesn't matter where in the UK you are located - you can easily access my classes, my workshops and online retreats so you needn’t put off starting

Want to find out more about my yoga beginners courses, group classes, private 1-2-1 yoga or my ladies Yoga Retreats in Kalkan and the UK; or how to introduce yoga into your office? All of which can be offered live-streamed online - get in touch – I’d love to hear from you

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