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Best Business Women Awards - New Business Finalist

Friday 19 March 2021, is the Awards Ceremony for the 2020 Best Business Women Awards – a celebration of female entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries.

In 2019, I was honoured to be named as one of the finalists in the Best New Business Awards category. It was the first time I had entered a business award and I have to say, I was quite nervous about 'putting myself out there to be judged' - but I put my 'big yoga pants' on and took to completing the application.

Best New Business

What I learnt by taking part, is that completing the application made me look in absolute detail at my business and just how important it is to pause, reflect and appreciate just how far my business had come in such a short space of time.

🔸 How far I'd come

🔸 The positive impact I'd made on others' health and wellbeing

🔸 My successes

🔸 My future plans for the business

🔸 Compilation of many wonderful and positive reviews I'd received from clients

🔸 Consideration of my best achievements

🔸 How I provide great customer service

Yoga teacher Vicki Baumann of Yogawithvickib names as finalist in the Best New Business category in the 2019 Best Business Women Awards

It was such an incredible experience. Regardless of how young or established your business is - I would highly recommend others to consider the benefit of entering Awards. If nothing else, it really makes you consider your business with fresh eyes!

🔸I understand what it is to have been younger and fitter (I'm nudging towards 60!..)

🔸 I understand the struggle to come back to fitness from a life-changing injury

What my customers say about me

“Every lesson is varied and challenging and keeps you motivated to improve at a pace that suits you. I WAS always waking up with aches and pains but they are a thing of the past. I do genuinely feel stronger, and much more limber and generally a lot fitter/healthier".

“I have done Yoga before but have never enjoyed it until I met Vicki. Her gentle calm nature and love for Yoga really comes across in the class. I couldn't recommend Vicki enough! Thank you for opening my eyes to fantastic Yoga!."

All dressed-up - with somewhere to go!

I was lucky enough to attend the 2019 Awards Ceremony held at The Tower Hotel, London - all dressed-up with somewhere to go! This year, a little different, the ceremony will be held online, but I know it will be an amazing evening and I'm wishing everyone involved, the most wonderful celebration.

To be named as a Finalist in the Best Business Women Awards is such an honour. Every year there are many hundreds of applications from a wide variety of businesses and successful entrepreneurs.

Being in business this past Covid-19 year has added many additional challenges for all business owners - so every woman who has entered this year - the finalists and those that go onto winning the Awards should be incredibly proud of their achievements.

I celebrate every one of you. Enjoy, be proud and celebrate.

If you would like to have a chat about how you can start yoga, join an ongoing class, work with me 1-2-1 or investigate how I can run an online class for your business, or would like to join one of my ladies-only retreats – then get in touch, message or call me and I’ll be happy to talk

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