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I toured the Alps for many years on my motorbike

Five things you may not know about me: Day 2

As early as my memory goes, I have loved motorbikes. As a small child, I’d always point them out and always knew, one day I would ride a bike (much to my parents despair!)

Yoga Teacher Yogawithvickib touring the Alps on her Triumph Daytona motorbike
Yoga Teacher YogaWithVickiB touring the Alps

So, when I started working aged 18, I saved up and bought my first bike. A little Honda 100cc. This was rapidly upgraded to a Honda 250cc that saw me ride to the TT Races on the Isle of Man and then a Kawasaki 550cc, commuting to London every day.

Then as a birthday gift in my 30’s, my husband bought me my beloved Ducati 750SS. Racing red, of course. From then on our summer holidays were spent touring across France, the Swiss and Italian Alps. After the electrics failed (yet again) and we saw it being taken away on a tow truck half way across France, it was time for an upgrade to something more modern and reliable! A Triumph Daytona 600 sports.

Nothing like riding across mountain passes – the Grand and Petit St Bernard Pass, Cols and hairpin bends. Me, ‘Lady Penelope’ with map, mobile and cash. He, ‘Parker’ carrying the luggage.

Sadly post-crushed foot (see post Day 1) I couldn’t ride my bike again. It sat not moving for 2 years with me stoically believing I wouldn’t let it go and I would be able to ride again. But no, after all the hours of rehabilitation and yoga, it remained sadly just the worst and painful position for my foot to be in.

I had to let it go.

#lettinggo is not easy. But sometimes recognising where you are today - rather than where you were yesterday - is the only way. And thankfully I am still able to hike up my beloved mountains and I am incredibly grateful for that.

What have you loved and had to let go of?

Now, I love working with my yoga students, helping them discover just how strong, flexible and capable their body can be. If you would like to book a 121 yoga class or book me to undertake regular classes in your office; attend one of my yoga retreats or come along to one of my classes, get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.

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