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This Yogi is half Swiss (yes, the holey cheese type)!

Five things you may not know about me: Day 3

Coming from half Swiss parentage has always been a special thing for me. To feel you are at home in the Country you live in – as well as in another Country is really special.

Yoga Teacher Yogawithvickib hiking to top of Swiss Mountain

My earliest memories of Switzerland was my big Sister and me being tagged as ‘unaccompanied minors’ and sent to visit the Grandparents. Being surrounded by French speaking relatives – never quite knowing who was who and what was what certainly equipped us for the future, being comfortable out of our comfort zone.

With the Grandparents we would go for walks with Pat the dog and eat chocolate sandwiches for our picnic

Swiss chocolate sandwich = bar of chocolate in a baguette

These days, I may be on four wheels and not two – and always with a yoga mat onboard – but it’s just as special. Heading for my ‘fix’ of Swiss mountains. My comfort blanket.

Where are you drawn to, that is your ‘second home'

your place of recharge and me-time?

The pull of the mountains has always been in my veins🇨🇭 I’ve motorbiked across them 🇨🇭Hiked up them 🇨🇭Skied down them 🇨🇭Mountain biked around them 🇨🇭Yoga’d in them 🇨🇭 love them

🇨🇭 Do I love Swiss Cheese – Yes!

🇨🇭 Do I love a Cheese Fondue – Absolutely!

🇨🇭 Do I love a bar of Swiss Choc – You’ve guessed it, Yes!

Being able to practice my yoga looking down a valley or across at a mountain range – it doesn’t get much better than that.

If you want to discuss anything mountains or chocolate – or how I can help you with your yoga practice at home, at the office or in a class, get in touch I'd love to hear from you.

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