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Yoga Brought Me Back To Health

Five things you may not know about me: Day 1

What would be your response to a doctor telling you - "you have a life changing injury"?

As this is the last week I will be working full-time in my 30+ year career in all things marketing and print - I thought I'd introduce ME Vicki, the Yoga Teacher, to you and #bebrave and expand on my five things over five days that you may not know about me..

Yoga literally brought me back to health after I was injured in a hit and run accidence in London 2012

1st August 2012 to be exact. 🔸 First week of the London Olympics 🔸 A beautiful sunny day 🔸 A day of a speeding car 🔸 Racing for the lights? 🔸 Speeding to get home to watch the London 100 cycle race? 🔸 I'll never know... All I know is that as the car whipped past me, my foot was caught, twisted and crushed.

“A significant injury” "A life changing injury" An "If we don't get the swelling down in time for the op, you will be left with dropfoot injury"

What I didn't know was that moment was going to be more life changing than my Doctors could imagine. What it did lead me to is where I am today. Leaving a 30+ year career to work full-time in and develop my yoga business YogaWithVickiB.

After a year of two operations - many weeks of 'foot above heart' unable to walk - weeks of rehabilitation - I finally got back onto my yoga mat to build muscle and gain flexibility back in my foot, ankle, knee and hip.

Photos courtesy of Yolande de Vries

Eight years on, I am a qualified Yoga instructor; running regular classes in Long Ditton, Surrey - teaching private 121 yoga classes in people's homes - running an annual ladies Yoga & Relaxation Retreat in Kalkan, Turkey - UK weekend yoga retreats and looking to secure my first corporate office yoga client.

So if you are looking to engage a private 121 yoga teacher - or wishing to introduce wellness into the office workplace, in the form of regular yoga sessions, get in touch

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