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I love to travel and be adventurous, but please keep me on the ground!

Five things you may not know about me: Day 5

I’m a Sagittarian, I can’t lie - I know next to nothing about star signs. But one thing I do know is that Sagittarians are lovers of adventure and travel. And this is true of me.

BUT please don’t put me up in the air without an engine attached!

Yoga Teacher Yogawithvickib parascending on business retreat in Kalkan.

I discovered this fact – when I was indeed high up attached by what felt like a thread (but was actually a secure cable) last Summer in Kalkan, Turkey. A working holiday – a business retreat, where I was leading the business women through their morning yoga practice each day.

I found myself agreeing to go parascending around the beautiful blue Kalkan bay. That’ll be lovely I thought – as indeed did everyone else. But me? No! I discovered that whilst I may enjoy what others may think of as ‘dangerous’ sports (motorcycling and skiing) – parascending was a white knuckle ride for me.

Boy did I need my calming yogic breathing during and after. Never again. Thank you very much.

Speed - YES! I have ridden motorbikes all my life, happy in the saddle for many hours up a mountain pass; or ‘blatting’ along the autobahn. Mountain biking; road biking; hiking up a mountain side. Skiing. Ice skating.

All have one thing in common. Firmly on the ground!

As is my yoga mat. You don’t get closer to being a land hugger than Yoga. Dynamic flow. Long held poses. Relaxation. Safely and firmly on terra firma.

What takes you out of your comfort zone?

If you want to discuss adding yoga onto a business retreat; conference; team building day or weekend, get in contact – I’d love to help

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